Ryan Gosling Double Feature: Drive & Ides of March

As I sit down to write this, I realize a few things: it’s been a long long time since I wrote anything for this blog no one reads this blog I don’t have a job I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots   But today of all days (Rex Manning Day? I don’t know) [...]

Bret Easton Ellis Double Feature

Less Than Zero and Rules of Attraction I’ m going to do my very best to keep these two movies from running together in my head because despite their differences they are both about (1)Rich attractive kids (2) who like sex (3) and drugs (4) and do both a lot. In Less Than Zero, a [...]

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Omar Benson Miller Double Feature

“Who the fuck is Omar Benson Miller?” you may be asking. If you’re asking, then you clearly haven’t seen a movie with any black people in it in the last few years, because he has been in a bunch of them.  He’s the huge one.  Seriously, HUGE.  6’6″ and over 300lbs.  He also happens to [...]

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Seattle Experimental Short Films

A Screening of 3 Short Films at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle. (1) Documentary about some guy who built some crazy instrument. Documentary consists of black and white digital interview that occasionally zooms in just on his eyes because that’s ‘artistic.’ Second half of documentary is silent footage of said guy while he plays [...]

Double Patricia Clarkson Feature

Dear Patricia “Patty” Clarkson, You are so beautiful and so talented and I really hope that (1) You get to fucking star in something really soon.  Because you are totally awesome as a supporting actress, but I want someone to write something really spectacular (me, maybe?) FOR you.  Because you are awesome. and (2) That [...]

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Double Feature: Atonement and There Will Be Blood

Atonement Yes, we get it, your movie, your score, James McAvoy in a a suit and Keira Knightley in green satin are all very pretty.  Everyone is in love and/or dead and/or wracked with guilt and it’s all very tragic. There Will Be Blood Yes, we get it, Daniel Day-Lewis has three names and is [...]

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Rockumentary Friday

New York Doll Directed by Greg Whiteley, New York Doll is a documentary about Arthur “Killer” Kane, one of the founding members and bassist for seminal punk band, the New York Dolls.  It seems that after the Dolls broke up, Kane was in a pretty bad state.  Hopelessly alcoholic and without any real direction, he [...]

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Talking Chipmunk Double Feature

Enchanted I like princesses, big song productions and McDreamy as much as the next girl.  If not more.  But 2 hours?  Come on. Alvin and the Chipmunks What is the deal with Jason Lee?  I always think I like him.  But I’m pretty sure that he can’t act.  Like at all.  I’m sure it’s hard to act with [...]

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Double Feature: Rendition and Dan in Real Life

Rendition: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, Peter Sarsgaard, Meryl Streep.  Ok, there are just too many double vowels in this movie, that must be why it was so boring. Dan in Real Life: Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dianne Wiest, Alison Pill, Brittany Robertson.  I think I’m on to something big here.  This one is consonants because [...]

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Double Feature: La Piscine and Joy House

La Piscine: En francais. Nudité.  Sexe.  Meurtre.  Alain Delon.  Amusement pour la famille entière. Joy House: In English.  More Alain Delon.  Jane Fonda is crazy and super horny.  Some seriously funny parts.  Jane Fonda to Alain Delon: I like you cause you’re poor!  I’m poor too!  

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