Fantastic Mr. Fox

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Wes Anderson’s newest foray into style and humor (most people call this a movie), Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I don’t normally use phrases like “I had the pleasure of..” but it really was a pleasure!  I don’t mean like the dirty, carnal pleasure I get [...]

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Drunk Reviews: Up

I was just lamenting the other day that I really don’t get to do enough drunk blogging anymore because I don’t really have the internet at my house.  But really that just stops me from drunk *posting* not drunk blogging.  So, the original intent of the Drunk Reviews tag was to both watch and review [...]

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Publicity Images for EARTH

I am so excited to see EARTH.  Yay!  Parade of cuteness!  Narrated by Patrick Stewart! Darth Vader!

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Thanksgiving Guest Reviews: My 12 Year Old Cousin

Home Alone “Man, that kid is SMART!” Shooter “I thought the dude was gonna die, but then he didn’t.” Must Love Dogs [insert sound of him leaving the room]

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Nim’s Island

There are remakes that are done for the right reason – that truly bring something new and different – a new perspective or a new twist – to the table that is cinema. Nim’s Island does none of these things. But the real tragedy is that it’s not even a remake. Nim Rusoe (Abigail Breslin) [...]

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Ratatouille just beat out Persepolis for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars (boo) and then it showed up from Netflix yesterday! Since it beat such an awesome (if subtitled) movie and has been advertised as The Best Reviewed Movie Of The Year, I was hoping it would be pretty great. But it was pretty mediocre. [...]

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Talking Chipmunk Double Feature

Enchanted I like princesses, big song productions and McDreamy as much as the next girl.  If not more.  But 2 hours?  Come on. Alvin and the Chipmunks What is the deal with Jason Lee?  I always think I like him.  But I’m pretty sure that he can’t act.  Like at all.  I’m sure it’s hard to act with [...]

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