Ryan Gosling Double Feature: Drive & Ides of March

As I sit down to write this, I realize a few things: it’s been a long long time since I wrote anything for this blog no one reads this blog I don’t have a job I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots   But today of all days (Rex Manning Day? I don’t know) [...]

The Boys of Baraka

Almost immediately upon putting it in my laptop (what, I was sleepy) it because obvious how The Boys of Baraka came to be in my Netflix queue.  It’s about at-risk youth in inner city….BALTIMORE!  Yeah!  It’s like season 4 of The Wire in real life! Only, not really. The Boys of Baraka is actually a [...]

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The redbox at Jon’s strikes again.  I think the mailman is stealing my Netflix because they are getting to me way slower than they used to.  I mean, I really don’t think the mailman would even want my documentary about African schools, but whatever.  So instead I watched Gigantic, starring indie sweethearts Paul Dano and [...]

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Pulp Fiction & Inglourious Basterds

If you live in L.A., read this blog, and don’t know about American Cinematheque, well honestly, you probably don’t exist, but if you do!  Check them out because they have a lot of (some) cool programs and some REALLY cool ones.  Last year I went to a screening of The Dark Knight with a Q&A [...]

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FilmFemme Fast Forward

I’m a busy lady.  If Super Bowl commercials are to be believed, I’m busy doing things like using my sex appeal to trap innocent horny men into unhappy relationships, but actually I just like to drink a lot and that takes up precious time — pre-partying, actual drinking, post-drinking carb binge — I just don’t [...]

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The Marc Pease Experience

So my “blog every movie” experiment has so far encouraged me to…not watch movies.  But!  Last night I finally did.  I ventured to the “far” redbox at the Jons (with a J), which has a much better selection than the “near” redbox at Vons (with a V) because the clientele at Jons has tastes that [...]

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A Single Man

Some day I will stop getting excited about movies.  I will learn my lesson and go into even the most highly touted and slickly marketed film skeptical and broken.  Unfortunately this has not happened yet and in I went to see A Single Man expecting Tom Ford to translate his piercing stare and effortless style [...]

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The Burning Plain

When I was in high school I remember trying to go see Amores Perros (written by Guillermo Arriaga) at the cheap theatre near my school with two of my girl friends.  But after the very opening scene that involved bleeding dogs, we had to leave and we ended up seeing Blow instead.  It’s not a [...]

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Last Chance Harvey

A while back I wrote a serious review of Last Chance Harvey that may as well have been “Last Chance Gillian” because I sent it to this website (which will remain nameless) for a chance to write movie reviews for them, but I never got to.  There was no money in it, so I’m only [...]

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Raise your hand if you kind of have a big ol’ crush on Sam Rockwell!  Me!  Me!  I do!  Looking back over his filmography it was probably the underrated Matchstick Men where I first really saw him and it was definitely last year’s Choke that sent me over the edge to full-fleged crush status.  He was even [...]

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