State of the Blog

I know no one is going to stand up and clap for me and there aren’t any Supreme Court Justices to tell me I’ve got my facts wrong, but that’s OK because I think I’ve got my facts right: My blogging habits stink.  I don’t blog.  I start posts and never finish them.  I see [...]

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Last night I had this really amazingly gory gruesome dream where I had this summer job working for some rich eccentric guy.  Me and like 5 of my facebook friends were all working for him, only there wasn’t really any work instead he just put together these puzzles and challenges kind of like on Survivor [...]

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Off Topical: My President

These are the lyrics to my current favorite song.  I haven’t found it as a ringtone yet, but just you wait…(some of the best stuff is highlighted after the jump). My President Young Jeezy feat. Nas  Yeah Be The Realest Shit I Never Wrote I Aint Write This Shit By The Way Nigga Some Real [...]

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Off Topical: Obaminable

from the LA Times: Sen. Barack Obama accused rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton today of attempting to “hoodwink” and “bamboozle” voters into thinking she was the front-runner by offering him the second slot on her ticket. from yours truly:  Hoodwinked? Bamboozled? What are you trying to say?  That supporting Hilary is akin to supporting bad [...]

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